This page contains various photographs I have taken of people, places and objects that are not included in the rest of this website. Some older photographs have been handed down to me by my parents or other members of the family.

My Photo Gallery


In addition, I have been fortunate to collect several photographs which have been loaned to me by friends. I have included them here because they give a valuable insight into how people used to live and thus provide a useful social history context for the genealogy part of the website. Several of the photographs from 1904-1905 were taken by Sidney Sanders, an amateur photographer living in Kent early in the 1900s, and are part of a collection of old prints inherited by Malcolm Bean. My thanks to Malcolm for allowing me to include them here.

Times Past.....

My Photo Gallery


This first section is a compilation of photographs that I took in summer 1999 while trying to follow up possible family connections in the Warwickshire area.





The village of Tredington in Warwickshire was home to John Tredwell "of Tredington" in the 1600s.

See John Tredwell of Tredington for more details.

Much of the present day church was built after John Tredwell's day.

But it was on the same site as the building that John would have visited.

This is a view of the nave and font.






Richard Tredwell, my oldest known Tredwell ancestor, may have come originally from the village of Honington.

Honington is only a mile or so from Tredington in Warwickshire.

On 22 August 1675, a Richard Tredwell married Mary Bevington at All Saints Parish Church in Honington.







We still need to prove that this was "our" Richard and "our" Mary. So far this is one of the few possible matches that we have come across in any family history records.

If he was indeed one and the same person, there is a very good possibility that my branch of the Treadwell family can be linked directly to the Treadwells in America. They emigrated from the villages of Epwell and Swalcliffe in north Oxfordshire, just a few miles south of Honington. See Links to Treadwells in America for more details.

Although the Rector of Hartley's book on Hartley mentions my family came from Oxfordshire before Kent, the journey between both areas of Warwickshire and Oxford can easily made on foot within one day. See Before Kent we may have come from Oxfordshire for more details.

We are then left with the question why did Richard and Mary travel from Warwickshire to Kent? Richard was buried at Horton Kirby in Kent in 1683 while his wife Mary married again afterwards.

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Times Past.....


This section of the photo gallery contains several pictures from old photo albums which I have inherited from my parents and family. It is followed by a number of pictures taken by amateur photographer Sidney Sanders in the early part of the 20th Century, which have been loaned to me for this website.


Extracts From My Old Photo Albums

My grandfather "Dick" Treadwell at the reins of his horse-driven bakery van!








Grandad again. This photograph, probably taken beside the railway line at Pinden near Longfield shows a motor lorry driven by him and was probably the "state-of-the-art" in those days!

The railway line is still there and is now being upgraded as part of the new high-speed rail link through Kent between London and continental Europe. The rain is also still here!





The "cricketing" Treadwells!

Southfleet cricket team. My great grandfather George "Tubby" Treadwell is in the back row, third from the right and smoking a pipe. His sons George, Frank and "Dick" (my grandfather) are also in the team. "Dick" is sitting in the front row on the right, his brother Frank is sitting second from the left and his brother George is standing in the back row second from the left.

I am sad to say that their cricketing prowess did not pass on to me!




I may not be a born cricketer but I did once share some success in the "first eleven" of my Primary School's football team in 1964-65!

I am sitting in the front row on the right. I remember that the player second from the left, also in the front row, was Malcolm Lemmon. If any of the team sees this, please contact me.







Here is a picture of my father, Fred, while he was serving with the Royal Greenjackets Regiment in Italy during World War II.

The photograph was taken at Taranto on 12 October 1944. Dad is standing on the right.





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Kent in 1904-1905 (photographed by Sidney Sanders)



Once a common sight but now increasingly rare






Hop Pickers

Once a popular holiday for people from London - they are more likely to travel to Spain or Thailand these days!






"Good ole hasbeen"!

The photographer did not make it clear whether he was referring to the old man or his tricycle.....






"Lunatics out walking in the woods"

A shocking photograph of how mentally retarded people were once treated!







"A family having 'tramped' from London seeks entry to the Malling Union workhouse"

This confirms how people moved around the country





A mountain of casks at the old Maidstone brewery

Wooden casks gave way to metal casks and even large deliveries of beer by tanker these days!







"Clive with a broken neck" - there was no National Health Service then!

A sad reflection on how poor people were neglected by society






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